Chilean Beverages

Published: 10th February 2011
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Chile is wine country; however, there are many other delicious libations. Drinks are part of the local culture, and they flow freely at many celebrations. Try these beverages during your exciting Chile vacation to get a taste of the national heritage.

Red Wine: Chile is famous for their reds. The Chilean Merlot and Carménere are highly-prized. However, shoestringers might want to try the Cartonere, the local name for boxed wine. Popular brands include Clos de Pirque, Planella, and Gato Negro. Some locals mix wine with coca-cola to form jote, a drink whose name means vulture in the sense of a man who’s on the prowl.

White Wine: Slightly less common in Chile, although still delightful. Mix white wine with fresh fruit to get ponche. The difference between ponche and borgoña is the size of the glass. If you’re thirsty, go with the bucket-sized ponche.

Green Wine: Young wine is used to create terremoto (earthquake) also known as a tsunami in the coastal town of Valparaíso. A scoop or two of pineapple ice cream is poured over green wine until it tops off the glass. It is served with a straw and is famous for the resaca (hangover) it causes.

Chicha: This sweet, cider-like fermented drink is loved by people on a budget. You can find it homemade in earthenware jugs, or in 700 ml. bottles at the supermarket. Try the chicha de manzana (apple chicha) in southern Chile.

Pisco Sour: Chile’s main spirit is pisco, although it battles with Peru for bragging rights. Pisco sour is a yellow liquid with a frothy top. The limo, sugar, pisco, and bitters create an amazing cocktail. There are plenty of variations to try like a berry sour or mango sour.

Pisco Mixers: Many of Chile’s younger crowd mixes pisco with Coca Cola, forming piscola. Similar to a rum and coke, except the pisco brings a whole new flavor. Some Chileans choose to make a more potent pisco mix, instead of diluting pisco they mix it with vermouth and a slice of lemon to create pichuncho.

Beer: Try inexpensive bottles of Cristal or Escudo, or if you’re feeling more adventurous do as the Chileans do, mix cheap beer with Fanta. This refreshing combination is bubbly and unique.

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