Santiago de Chile Day Hike: Saltos de Apoquindo

Published: 10th February 2011
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Chile’s capital is home to over a third of the nation’s population. The large, bustling city offers a wealth of activities within the urban sprawl. The spectacular Andean peaks to the east and small coastal range to the west aren’t just for looks. They also offer an excellent array of outdoor activities including trekking, climbing, horseback riding, skiing, and kayaking. The possibilities in Santiago’s backyard are endless so get outside.

Some basic camping gear, water, a pair of walking shoes, some sunscreen, and 1,000 pesos ($2) can buy you a relaxing mountain getaway. In the dry heat of Santiago summer, envision a rushing waterfall splashing you as you swim in its cool pool. This is all possible at Saltos de Apoquindo.

To get there, go to the closest metro stop and take red line (línea 1) to the brand-new terminal station at Los Dominicos. This is home to a craft market where artisans sell handicrafts such as carvings, leather, and Pomaire terra cotta. Browse the market, the continue to your transfer on the 421 bus (or the Co2 or Co2c), which will drop you at San Carlos de Apoquindo after ten to fifteen minutes. Sign in with the guards who will want to know your passport or ID number and your phone number. If they ask, tell them you’re headed to the sendero (trail). From there it is a ten-minute paved uphill walk to the trail head labeled Reserva Ecológica Contrafuertes Cordillerano. Check out the map of the area, as the trail is marked but it is still possible to get lost.

The trail meanders along the folds of the mountain both up and down steep paths. Depending on your pace, it will take between 3 to 5 hours to reach the falls. It is a demanding hike but there are beautiful sights along the way to the rewarding waterfall. Towards the end you need to hop on rocks across the water’s downward flow and you will be near the bottom of the falls.

1) The litre tree causes a poision-ivy-like reaction in some unlucky hikers. Stay clear of the tree or greet it with a hearty Hola Senor Litre as the tradition dictates.
2) The falls looks amazing in the morning when the sun climbs up the notch in the mountain.
3) Follow the trail back or ask a passing huaso (Chile’s version of the Argentina gaucho) for directions to another trail head, like Aguas de San Ramón.

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